Orylag by Pelicon, the fur of the futurePelicon presents prestigious furs coming from France, which combine exceptional qualities of brightness and softness with an environmental awareness that represents – in the company’s opinion, the future of fur in the fashion world

Sep 20, 2017
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In the future, fashion will increasingly be held accountable when it comes to respect for nature and the environment, if it does not want to lose its credibility and appeal: this has always been the creed of Pelicon, which was founded in Milan in 1980 by Gianfranco Ciampi, as a company specialized in the trading of high quality and eco-sustainable furs. In fact, it is not by chance that starting in 2002 Pelicon decided to extend its offer by introducing new skins, which, by ethical choice, do not come from animals in danger of extinction or which are under the protection of International Conventions, but rather come directly from the food chain. As can be seen with the leathers of Orylag®, the prestigious fur brand based out of France, which is exclusively sold by Pelicon in Italy.

Orylag furs, in fact, bring us back in time to the dawn of civilization, when apparel was strictly connected to the food chain in a virtuous circle that allowed humanity to arrive at present-day times with a respect for natural equilibriums and Mother Earth.


This is because Orylag is part of the food chain and its production is limited to skins coming exclusively from the French region of Poitou-Charentes, with all skins numbered and traceable, in connection to farms specially created to support French agriculture. Moreover, the skins are tanned in accordance with European standards, with vegetable tanning that is free of every trace of chromium-derived allergenic compounds. Alongside these eco-friendly qualities are included exceptional aesthetic and tactile characteristics, because its furs have the same 15-microns silkiness of cashmere, maintain the same brightness as silk, while their versatility does not limit the creativity of the stylists.

‘Lu Diaulu’ at the ‘Fashion and Environment’ Convention

The new initiative that features Pelicon as its protagonist is presented with a view to environmental respect and a sustainable future for the fur industry. In fact, at the ‘Fashion and Environment’ Convention, this coming 7 October in Norcia, Pelicon will present the book written by its very own Gianfranco Ciampi with the title ‘Lu Diaulu’, which is dedicated to the protection of natural products and the territory in Sardinia. All proceeds from the book, which have already arrived at 14 thousand euros, will go to supporting a free-range pig farm situated in the Umbrian territory.

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