Magnify the MatièreCuir à Paris presents the future 2014/15 Autumn/Winter trends on 17-19 September event

Jul 26, 2013
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Cuir à Paris presents the future 2014/15 Autumn/Winter trends on 17-19 September event

Pioneers, heading towards the immediate or very distant future, we will transform the Matière Première to magnify it or divert it away from its primary function. It becomes the subject of unreasonable marriages, shady pairing and improbable osmoses; between scratchy leather and downy wool, between the simple sheet of foil and opulent nappa, between damp rubber and sumptuous Zibeline. Inspired by philosophers, for whom the Matière Première is an object, we take possession of the object “Letter”. This allows us to transform the material “Thought” into signs and thus into words.

Like Béton [concrete] / Beauté [beauty]

Urbane, solid and timeless like concrete, fragile, ethereal, nuanced and sophisticated like Beauty. Powdery, pearly, opaque and transparent, an intimate confrontation between delicacy and solidity.

Like Bois [wood] / Bauxite / Brique [brick]

Construction materials. Honeycombed, cellular, in strata or in layers. Flamboyant, woody, lustrous, Materials of reflection.

Like Yin. Like Yang.

Duality and complementarity. Looking for balance, between very light and very dark, between mystery and transparency, between shine and opacity, between simplicity and complexity.

Like Carton [cardboard] / Cellophane

The extreme matt finish of raw Cardboard and the magical sparkle of intangible Cellophane. Materials from recycling and creativity.

Like Cuir [leather] / Cacao [cocoa]

A desire for glacé leather and steaming cocoa, of reassurance and gourmet delight, of deep colours and velvety or smooth surfaces.

Like Canaille [rascal]

Summer in winter, topsy-turvy, poor and rich at the same time, elegant and kitsch, manual and artificial, a pop expression for our time, unfettered and facetious.

Like Plume [feather] / Plomb [lead]

Light as a feather and heavy as lead, transparent as gauze, shadowy and deep like the current of a river. Feathers from a hen, from a chicken shed, from Music Hall beauties, the white feather of a cheat, a peacock’s feathers. Transparency and lightness, intangible femininity, couture glamour or symbolic rusticity.

Like Passion

Enchanting, intoxicating, exhausting, reds come in velvets, moiré taffetas, shiny satin and crispy nylons. Supple and thick leather yields under the hand like a soft cushion. Brocades and flock overlap, marvellous furs are lacerated, dramatised, in a trash- luxury style.

Like Pierre [stone]/Peau [skin]

Cold and translucent unfathomable stones, exceptional gems, frosty enamels Skins as an indicator of age, smooth and velvety or wrinkled, with folds like a baby.

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