Brustia-Alfameccanica: X-ray quality control for fur garmentsThe new line of MM 700 scanners by Brustia-Alfa Meccanica is designed specifically for X-ray inspection of different fashion products. Perfect for fur garments

Jan 07, 2017

The increasingly stringent demands for precise and reliable quality control in the footwear industry is attracting more and more interest from companies in relation to an accurate non-destructive analysis of the finished product, aimed at the automatic detection of metal objects such as forgotten or broken needles, fixing clips, staples or other objects that can affect the quality.

The X-ray technology – already widespread in other sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive – is able to cover a wide range of applications, allowing the detection of foreign bodies in order to verify the completeness of the product. In fact, it can verify that all the required elements (eyelets, studs, etc.) have been applied.

In this sense, “NONAME Hi-Tech” has created a new line of products with an innovative design, advanced mechanics and powerful and intuitive software, which combines evident strength with extreme ease of use.

The latest technologies used allow the new MM 700 machines to deliver outstanding results for those who make high-quality bags and perform large production runs, and also for logistic centres and quality control laboratories. It is also for those who want to avoid customs problems and damage to the reputation of customers.
The modular hardware and wide range of features and software customizations allow the machines of the new MM 700 line to adapt to the needs of any type of customer.

A fundamental aspect is also the after-sales management, which is performed by an extensive international network of service centres and provides the opportunity for customers to come into contact with skilled technicians via a remote assistance service accessible directly from the machine’s software interface.

Watch the video about the X-ray scanner by Brustia-Alfameccanica:

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