Blood & Honey: When fur goes pop!Using Mondrian, Rothko, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and the 90s as a source of inspiration might seem a bit of a […]

Feb 23, 2017
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The designer Lidiya Pfayfer

Using Mondrian, Rothko, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and the 90s as a source of inspiration might seem a bit of a gamble. But take just one look at the Blood & Honey collection and you’ll soon see how the language of the visual arts world translates into a fun and inventive fashion product. A winning concept that has caught the attention of international celebrities and gained the brand a good 32 thousand followers on Instagram.

Lidiya Pfayfer founded Blood & Honey in 2014, producing a mini-collection of fur scarves in extremely bright colour hues, which sold out in a matter of days. The brand’s debut coincided with the trend for colourful furs, fully embracing the zeitgeist with its eccentric and its sense of humour, which doesn’t take the fashion world too seriously.

blood-honeyAfter carefully designing and selecting the materials, the production is carried out at the Ukrainian manufacturing centre. A fur coat can take from two weeks to a month to reach the finished product stage. The dying process of the fur is carried out by hand and the end result is always astonishing. It is precisely the colour hues that determine the style of the garment that will be made, declared the designer, who loves to freely mix those candy tones so loved by Millennials, with cartoon characters, hearts, stars and donut-shaped inserts. The advanced processing techniques make the fur light and extremely versatile.
The recent men’s capsule collection, created for Art Basel – Miami and inspired by the big stars from the music scene, is also very interesting.

The brand also proposes hats, footwear, stoles and a variety of accessories, including an ironic clutch bag in chewing gum pink fur, chosen by Beyoncé for a night out.
Blood & Honey is available online and has sales points in the United States, Spain, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and Italy.


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