Active Furs: Tradition is fashionableWe interviewed Eleni Panteliadou of Active Furs, who told us about the company and her point of view on the new fur trends

Sep 19, 2017

active_00792Active Furs is a joint partnership of experienced furriers which dates back to 1993. Appreciating it’s craftsmen love for sable, the company developed an exclusive sable furs department almost 15 years later. TodayActive Furs is proud to be the single most recognized sable fur brand in the world.

What is your method of work and its strengths?

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of sable skins with many years of experience and a great craftsmanship tradition as it employs the best craftsmen in fur industry. Active Furs is the largest buyer of the Sojuzpushnina sable fur auction in St.Petersburg and our company is proud to own the top lots of that sable fur auction for 2014-2017. After the auction, the skins goes to Italy for finishing and after that to Greece. Active Furs provides all necessary certificates upon purchase of any sable fur product.
As a manufacturer with the biggest sable warehouse, we produce over 2000 sable garments per year. The philosophy of our company is customer-oriented. We successfully provide guaranteed quality sable fur coats worldwide in competitive prices within the deadlines agreed.
Active Furs has been present in most of the events around the world regarding the fur industry for more than a decade, like Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair, TheOne Milano, Fur Excellence in Athens, Kastoria International Fur Fair and many more. The upcoming event Active Furs participates is the 2nd Fur Shopping Festival in Kastoria, Greece from November 3rd to 5th 2017.


How are you organized for the production and distribution?

The Active Furs factory is located in Kastoria, Greece where experienced craftsmen give life to the collection as well as sable experts and fur consultants are available to help customers come up with a single unique sable fur coat. Custom-made orders, in collaboration with our designers, can make every woman’s dream come true within few days. Apart from Kastoria, we distribute many sable garments to our stores and showrooms worldwide. We have representatives in Russia, Asia, Europe, USA and UAE. Our collection is also available at our website and our youtube channel ‘Active Furs’ where you can subscribe and keep up with our news. As the largest manufacturer of Russian sable in the world, we can offer our customers a wide range of sable garments at fine prices.

How would you describe the fashion style of your products?

We propose classic, fashionable designs that accent feminine silhouettes and high quality sable skins, in our opinion the ideal combination for timeless garments. All of our items have a unique style. We distribute them to many countries in the world. It is crucial that each collection is designed considering our customers’ needs and expectations depending on their location and culture.

What kind of woman do you have in mind when designing a collection?

The modern, self-confident and sophisticated woman who desires to present and underline her individuality. She has the knowledge to appreciate the rich texture and effort done behind luxury.


What do you think are the fur fashion trends that prevail among consumers right now?

At the moment, consumers love to wear colourful furs with playful floral or geometrical motifs. Combinations of materials and dynamic colour matches. Garments with emphasized volumes and marked colours. Coats with contrasting shades and highlighted bright tones.

In your opinion, which fur trends or types of fur will be in vogue next season?

The trendy fur types for the upcoming season are fox, mink and wild fur. The soft tones of natural furs seem to attract the designers as well as the striking effect of contrasting furs (colours, different lengths). The handcrafted techniques are getting glamorous and experiment with floral motifs. Intarsia fur and patchwork styles offer interesting and endless design possibilities.

How do you see the evolution of the concept of luxury today in regard to the fur world?

The frantic pace of fashion seem to be reverberating across luxury fashion and, in particular, the fur world is feeling the impact. The immediacy afforded by social media means fashion shows and presentations are live streamed and images are up on Instagram and Facebook within seconds. For designers and brand marketers the pressure is intense. For the rest of the world following closely on social media, it is a never-ending display of exciting new sartorial choices. For fur, which continues to be a trademark of luxury fashion, this has meant an increasing presence on the runways. Look closely: you are likely to see that “must-have” fur jacket popping up in a spring collection as well as in a fall or Cruise presentation. Whatever the season, there is always something fresh and new and exciting in fur fashion.

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