When outerwear is creativeThe Caserta designer proposes a vibrant style with a pop flavour characterised by surprising colours, embroidery and material combinations

Jun 11, 2018
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Luigi Veccia – already a noted consultant for various international brands – launched his women’s ready-to-wear collection in 2008. His colourful and cheerfully conceptual garments were immediately adored and adopted by the Asian market where the brand is widely distributed. Today, the Caserta-born designer is present in the main boutiques in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, and ready to conquer the leading European retailers with an original concept and a story to tell. How did your brand come into being and what are the most important milestones? It all started in the first decade of the new millennium when, after 10 years of working as a consultant, I felt a strong desire to embark on my own personal stylistic journey because what I created for others could not fully express my sense of my creativity. Among the important events that have marked my brand was certainly the 2011 edition of Vogue Talents where I was selected by Sara Sozzani Maino, and the following year I was featured in Altaroma’s first edition of ‘Room Service’ (small atelier dedicated to made-to-order) thanks to the support of Simonetta Gianfelici. The WHITE exibition of Milan was also an important milestone for me, where the patron Massimiliano Bizzi gave me the opportunity to make myself known to the general public and international buyers, gaining approval for the combination of iconic prints, “woven” fabrics and jacquards. In the last few years, in parallel with the so-called normal “seasonal” collections I have also developed capsule collections with well-known fashion brands and my name is officially mentioned without remaining behind the scenes, as is usual for consultants. What is your working method? My work ethic is based on a relentless search for what can be the distinctive elements for both the brands I work for and for my own. The staff in my style office and I work together to critically evaluate the progress of the collections. We never stop at the first result. This creative process can be defined as “sedimentation plus transformation”. The selection of my fabrics, materials and accessories is based on a frenetic search at international trade fairs. An unprecedented harmony is created by combining elements that could sometimes be dissonant, which in my opinion is the strong point of the Luigi Veccia collections. How would you describe your style as a designer? Eclectic and cosmopolitan, that’s how people see me. A mix of Mediterranean and Anglo-Saxon influences and exotic aesthetics. My work often involves a lot of travelling, where I am never a tourist but a traveller. And the ultimate goal of my travels around the world is, above all, research. Which materials do you prefer for outerwear? In the past, I used mink and fox fur, both full-skin and off-cuts, while in recent years I have discovered luxury eco-fur in wool and alpaca. I love making inlays that recapture the printed patterns of my collections. What garment of your collection most represents your current style? Multicoloured striped fur made by mohair wool, certainly a must for the next season. When designing my garments, I think of a multitasking woman who keeps herself constantly updated on the latest trends and is aware of her femininity. How is it organised at a production and distribution level? Do you have any new ideas in store? At the production level, the collections are made with all the excellences offered by Italy. At a distribution level, I collaborate with the MPM fashion agency for worldwide distribution of my garments. Furthermore, a new establishment of about 2000 square meters is also being completed, with a studio and an archive of which I am very proud. Over the last 20 years, I have collected thousands of magazines, fashion books, fabric samples and accessories that have only found an order and a path in this new space, allowing them to be used for both my customers and for future generations. How do you see the evolution of the concept of luxury today? Today luxury is a slightly different concept from the past. A sense of responsibility towards the planet is one of the greatest luxuries in this historic moment, an awareness that guides consumers in their choices. We are seeing more attention placed on “green” fashion practices, which will also drive designers to work more and more with eco-compatible or biodegradable materials. In my opinion, luxury in the future will be proposed and developed by those brands that will know how to express their heritage, and how to tell a story made of experience, people and places.
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