The fun side of fursDuring Mifur we met Kelli Mc Guinness, a young British designer who experiments with furs in a special way

Jul 15, 2013
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During Mifur we met Kelli Mc Guinness, a young British designer who experiments with furs in a special way

photoKelli Mc Guinness is a very young British designer with outstanding creativity and a great ability to mix diverse elements in kaleidoscopic collections.
After graduating in Fashion Design at the De Montfort University of Leicester, Kelli attracted attention both during Graduate Fashion Week 2012 of London and in the competition for promising young designers promoted by BAFTA (British Fur Trade Association) in which she arrived third.
She was then chosen by the IFTF to take part in the Young Fur Traders project and has shown her collection at leading trade fairs such including Mifur in Milan and Fea in Athens.
What is most surprising about her creations is the deftness with which she manages to mix different fabrics and materials in a highly colourful, fresh and young way.

When did you start using furs?

I decided to work with furs right from my graduate collection. I find it an extraordinary material, so versatile and right for various occasions, always of great impact. After winning the third prize in the BFTA contest I was able to attend various workshops and learn about the different ways of using fur, that later enabled me to continue experimenting with this splendid material.

What makes your collections original and which type of apparel do you most like to create?

Personally I think that what distinguishes my creations is the experimental mix and match of materials. I love to create fun effects by combining various fabrics and materials, textiles, techno mesh, fur and even details in PVC. I try to blend diverse and sometimes singular elements so as to create unique models. Then I also love working on fashion versions of sports clothes: shorts in knits or mesh, jerkins, sweatshirts and waistcoats.

What is your target?

I think of my ideal consumer as a person of free spirit, who likes to be daring and experiment with an ironic touch.

What influences you and gives you inspiration?

I very much admire the work of Jeremy Scott and other famous designers like Luise Gray and Vivienne Westwood.
I also like to take inspiration from other fields such as design and architecture.

How do you organize your work?

At present I’m working from my studio at home and looking for investors to produce my collection on a large scale. Right now I sell some exclusive knitwear direct on my website.

Plans for the future?

I want to extend my collection and start creating models also for men; I find the idea of applying my aesthetic vision to masculine apparel stimulating.

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