Success for Fur Excellence in Athens 2017The international fur fair had a 20% increase in confirmed orders and 30% in the number of visitors over the last years and confirmed the recovery of the fur sector witnessed in the previous fairs as well

Apr 14, 2017
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53 Greek companies and 12 companies from overseas took part in Fur Excellence in Athens 2017, carrying high fashion products that attracted the interest of trade visitors. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction for the results of a well-organized event and especially for the good-scale orders placed. The turnover of sales and orders placed during the exhibition is up to 20% compared to FEA 2016. The biggest volume of transactions has taken place in the first and third day of the Fur Excellence in Athens 2017. More than 2053 people attended the fair increased by 10% compared with those of 2015. Over 80% of the commercial visitors were from Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia: together with Koreans and Chinese visitors consisted the biggest buyers of fur products. The rest were 10% from China, 5% from Korea, and 15% from other countries (USA, Europe, etc). Various events took place during the days of the Fair. The opening was announced with a magical Gala show on the night prior to the exhibition. Unique and so different than the usual catwalk, the FEA 2017 Gala Event took place in a museum of modern Greek art exhibits, offering a night to remember to its 500 attendants. For the first time, a daily catwalk show run twice a day right in the heart of the exhibition hall of Metropolitan Expo, offering all exhibitors the chance to present a sample of their products to the interested buyers. The Greek Young Designers’ Competition presented the finalists’ creations at a stage, demanding the imagination of the judges and the visitors to take action in order to complete the picture of their proposal as a final garment. The creativity and imagination of more than 30 students from various fashion and design schools of Greece hit its peak during the Discovering Fur Excellence Workshop which operated along with a model fur factory all days of the fair.
The President of the Hellenic Association of Furriers Dinos Salagiannis declared: “I would like to thank our Grand Sponsor NAFA and our Sponsors American Legend, Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs and express my satisfaction for the success of the fair, which justifies the efforts of the Board, the International Fur Auction houses NAFA, American Legend, Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs, our Staff and the organizing company ROTTA to hold an international fur fair in Athens. Greece developed an international exhibition worthy of its fur industry and prospects, an international event that promotes business and fashion with a great turnover for the companies and the International Auction houses.  As a result of this year of success, 33 companies have already booked their place for Fur Excellence in Athens 2018 that will take place between 23-25 of March 2018”.
Fur Excellence in Athens

Fur Excellence in Athens (FEA) is a global marketplace that brings together refined fur manufacturers and retailers. Focused on fur […]

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