Ilaria Dainese: Refinement, prestige and traditionWe had a chat with Ilaria Dainese, who told us about the side production dedicated to interior design and some novelties for the future

Sep 20, 2017

The artisanal activity of the Dainese family in the world of furs began in 1924.
From the very beginning, the workshop has been appreciated for the quality of its processing and the use of high-quality materials. In 1978, Paolo Dainese founded the company called Furs Dainese & Co. which, towards the end of the eighties, approached new international markets, establishing itself mainly on the Russian market and then on the Asian one. Nowadays the collections can be found in the most exclusive Russian boutiques and about ten years ago two monobrand stores were opened in Stavropol and Kislovodsk.
The precious Furs Dainese & Co. garments are entirely created in Italy, using only high quality furs that are personally purchased in the best international auctions.

Ilaria Dainese

What is your educational background?

I chose to follow the path of fashion in my childhood, when I used to spend whole afternoons creating with fur scraps and making clothes for my dolls in the furrier’s workshop founded by my grandparents. Later, I got a diploma as “Clothing and fashion technician”, taking the first steps in the company managed by my father, designing and creating my first models for fur garments.

What made you begin manufacturing interior design accessories made with such a special material as fur?

The idea of making the line was born from the will to focus on elegance and warmth, proposing furnishing accessories like carpets, blankets, pillows, couches and so on.

What is the furnishing object you created that best represents your personality?

We now make lamps in laser processed sheared mink, which is absolutely the best representation of my style.

What kinds of furs do you preferably use?

The main typologies of materials that we use are minks, to which I add sables, lynx, and chincillas, without ever neglecting the softness and usage versatility of the Rex.


What are your sources of inspiration as a designer?

The main inspiration for my creations comes for my great passion for travels. Thanks to my family I have been able to visit overseas countries since I was a child, living in the cities that hosted me, visiting the local markets, observing and meeting new people.
Russia is the country I love the most and where I occasionally lived to further delve into the language that I had begun studying at the university in Italy, and the place that I still visit today for work.

How is Furs Dainese distributed in Italy and abroad?

The company distributes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, going down almost to the border in Stavropol and then going up again in the eastern part in Rostov-on-Don and to the outer border of Vladivostok.
Besides the Russian market, we have growing partners in the Eastern market of Arab Emirates, with which we have a collaboration that is under considerable development.
In Italy, our garments can be found in the main tourist cities; in fact, our main market is made up of foreign customers. Besides, we have been participating in the international trade shows within the industry in Milan, Moscow and Hong Kong for years.


Could you give me some advance information about your first footwear collection, which you are making also thanks to the footwear pattern making specialization course at ARSUTORIA School?

My footwear line is oriented towards the sophisticated woman, who chooses elegance with an eye to detail and quality. They are “jewel shoes”, from the pump to the sandal, that use highly precious materials like python and fur inserts, and are embellished by real Swarovski crystals.

How would you describe yourself as a designer in three key words?

Three words could identify my personality as a designer: scrupulous, determined, daring.

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