Punk chic, the new fur trendSome images and the back-stage video of the beautiful fashion shoot dedicated to the new fur, elegant and irreverent. Would you like to know more? The April 2017 issue of Fur is the answer, for a taste of the new trends.

May 04, 2017
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In the new April issue of Fur we tell you about the new era of fur: beyond the most classic and understated styles. We welcome the technicolour flashes on garments with well-cut shoulders and marked waistlines, but above all on the oversize items inspired by streetwear, and the generous volumes that are increasingly gaining ground in fashion. Daring is the watchword for the next season: so, be audacious, explore the trends! Photos by Angelo Lanza @ MKS Milano.
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Orylag by Pelicon, the fur of the future

Orylag by Pelicon, the fur of the future

Pelicon presents prestigious furs coming from France, which combine exceptional qualities of brightness and softness with an environmental awareness that represents – in the company’s opinion, the future of fur in the fashion world