Modern/Vintage5PROGRESS is the new vibrant brand from the Romantic group, already well-known with the all-Italian Caban Romantic brand, which proposes leather garments combined with tulle and lace

Apr 16, 2018
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5PROGRESS was born in 2015 by the Veronese designer Massimo Pepe, initially with the idea to create a capsule collection of customised military-vintage jackets, but which soon grew and established itself with a total look proposal consisting of cult pieces, jackets, coats, blouses, tulle skirts, a mix of vintage and luxury.
Among the materials used are cotton, eco-sustainable or vintage furs and tulle, a continuous source of inspiration.
The philosophy of 5PROGRESS is based on the definition of the brand as ‘affordable luxury’ creating collections dedicated to young women with a fresh appeal, innovative and original style, filled with colours, sequins and camouflage prints. High quality fabric and embroidery are at the base of the project, together with accurate research, craftsmanship and experimentation.
Starting from a vintage idea, the brand reinterprets historical pieces in a modern way with a unique twist thanks to embroidered patches that recall the botanical world or traditional old-school tattoos.
The production is carried out entirely in Italy, and the company is proud to encourage micro-enterprises and small artisans from the Veneto region in the north east of Italy. Despite being an emerging project, 5PROGRESS has already landed in the best luxury boutiques in Italy and the world, with a precise distribution strategy that covers the main reference markets from Europe to the United States.

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