Le Choix – Starting from leather“The choice” which gives the brand its name is that of the designer Camilla Onesti to give life to collections developed entirely from leather, allowing her to be guided by the suggestions coming from a careful examination of this ductile and eclectic material

Aug 30, 2017
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Le Choix is a clothing and accessory brand created in 2012 by Camilla Onesti, a young Roman designer with Parisian origins, inspired by a love for contemporary art that characterises the colour choices and geometric lines.

Outerwear and handbags are testimony of tailoring and dressmaking expertise, the search for perfection in simple raw edges and linear stitching on hammered leather and soft nappa leather.
As for the materials, all the pieces are made of leather with a few metallic details, treating the product as little as possible. Behind the leather lies a world of research and study, because it is essential to choose well the material, to look at it, touch it and feel it.

The products are born and shaped from the leather itself, whose naturalness is maintained and enhanced through linear shapes and minimalist aesthetics.
Another important feature of Le Choix is that it allows clients to customise the products. Everything can be personalized and made to measure, reflecting the unique taste of each individual buyer.

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