Fur-à-porterMarco Teso’s ambition is to create different products to join the iconic brand of his family’s fur business. His soul as a traveller leads him to add ethnic references to his garments, his spirit as a sailing and sea lover leads him to play with colours, his concept of ready-to-wear fur leads him to create fur-non-fur items. Furs that can be worn in every occasion, light as clouds and warm like the tropical sun

Feb 22, 2018
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Marco Teso has fur in his veins.

In fact, his love and passion for fur matured within his family’s company GIULIANA TESO, a brand born in 1980 with a first collection of high fashion content that in a few years conquered the most important world markets. In 1988, the US department store Neiman Marcus opened the first GIULIANA TESO “shop-in-shop” in prestigious locations like Chicago, San Francisco and Atlanta.

This was followed by other famous stores – from Saks to Harrods and the most prestigious boutiques in Europe, Russia, and the Far East – dedicating exclusive space to this brand.
In an international scenario, Marco Teso draws from his Parisian studies (Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne) to make full use of his skills and talent as a designer, experimenting and testing his own abilities in the field of fur with one main goal in mind: to create an innovative fur concept.
This led to the creation of the MATE furs using materials from his aim to novelty. His path was noticed on several fronts: the Fur Council of America dedicated him a cover to him, the Saga Research Institute in Copenhagen displayed one of his furs as am example to the innovative use of materials.
Marco Teso continues his path in the world of fur, always looking for new trendy products, based on his deep knowledge of the material and its multiple possibilities of processing and interpretation.
The universe and the stars are the dominant themes of the new MATE collection. A brand-new selection of coats, jackets and vests with a relaxed and dreamy mood, made from a mix of materials. A collection that communicates energy and positivity, dedicated to a young woman on the move, who follows the trends and doesn’t want to go unnoticed. Stars and moons decorate the back of the spotted coat, they illuminate cognac-coloured lamb, coral fox or cerulean mink in various lengths and different materials.

The colours range from sorbet tones of pinks, pomegranates, various shades of blue to refined natural tones that give character and energy to the furs.

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