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Feb 23, 2016
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Export without moving

In 2015, Chinese consumers spent 183 billion dollars (around 160 billion euro) to buy goods ranging from luxuries to daily necessities. More than 60% of this amount, 116 billion dollars, was spent on luxury products. These numbers weigh heavily on global sales of luxury goods, accounting for 46% of the total. But the most interesting statistic coming from the Character Group, concerns the places where most of this money was spent: 78% of all Chinese luxury consumption was made outside of China! Shopping tourism has increased by 12% reaching 90 billion dollars, while the turnover generated by luxury goods in China increased by only 3.2 points (26 billion dollars).

What are the reasons for this buying trend? It is easily explained: last year the Chinese prices of 37 high-end consumer goods were between 40% and 68% higher than in other countries, including United States, France and Germany. All this goes to show how quickly the fashion world changes. Those who have taken steps to reach the Chinese market, the promised land of staggering sales, have discovered that maybe it was better to stay at home to welcome wealthy Asian shopping tourists who, like everyone, are keen to save money if they can.

Fur accompanies the rapidity of these changes showing you the great fur success in recent seasons. On the catwalk, both men and women use it widely with a joyful parade of colours and patterns. Fur is not missing on the streets of the most important international fashion capitals. Furthermore, we signal the change perceived by prestigious fashion buyers who on a daily basis verify the evolution of taste and how many and how consumers look for and desire the precious material. Finally, the change finds its highest expression in new fashion designers, sometimes trained at prestigious schools that we will start presenting from this issue onwards. Enjoy the change, starting with our wonderful fashion shoot!


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