A family tradition in continuous expansionBROADWAY FUR & FASHION LTD. represents a strong family identity, constant commitment and integrity in more than 40 years in the fur trade.

Aug 05, 2014
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BROADWAY FUR & FASHION LTD. represents a strong family identity, constant commitment and integrity in more than 40 years in the fur trade.

nuova_FF_Picture_at_GalaFounded in 1972, this is one of the oldest and most renowned furriers in Hong Kong, whose success is due, above all, to the enormous commitment and passion of the Chen family for their work. During MIFUR we met Fritz, the third generation furrier, and his wife Fiona, who is also a second generation furrier herself. BROADWAY was already one of the trade’s most established names, known especially in Asia, when both husband and wife saw that the timing was right to bring GUY LAROCHE FURS – the brand that Fiona has built on over the last 10 years – under the BROADWAY umbrella to give it a renewed look and touch. And so, this is the first time the GUY LAROCHE FURS Collection is presented in Milan, “the heart of fashion”.

What is your objective in the fur trade?

As second and third generation furriers, we make a conscious and constant effort to uphold the names of our families. And in the case of Fritz, the Chen family has been active in this sector for over 70 years. We represent a generation of furriers who embraces the international perspective and mentality, and we are proud of that. Our fundamental objective is to help end consumers understand that furs is not a secular but an integral and lively part of the fashion industry, and this can only be done from the eyes of a furrier. This is now possible for us thanks to the license of such a prestigious and up-market name as that of GUY LAROCHE FURS.

What characteristics does the name GUY LAROCHE bring to your minds?

This label is definitely synonymous with elegance and haute couture. For more than 50 years the public has known and appreciated the “Laroche Allure”, a blend of elegance, sophistication and wearability that defined this fashion house. Now we, as licensee of the brand, feel it is our responsibility to continue this tradition, offering clients Collections that are contemporary without forgetting the core of the brand, paying particular attention to the quality and great workmanship of the creations.

What are the features of the collection GUY LAROCHE FURS by BROADWAY FUR & FASHION LTD.?

The Collection focuses a lot on models being multipurpose and reversible. Our items could be defined as “wearable luxurious outerwear”, garments that a woman can wear any time of day. They are certainly designed to last and the main characteristic of the brand, which we have decided to adopt as a link with tradition, is an inspired use of colours – grey in particular – the symbolic shade of the French house. Fiona, who personally takes care of styling, studied the entire collection to cleverly blend different materials with the furs, for example lace, cashmere and silk fabrics and leather. These combinations make it possible to create very wearable garments and put fur into a trendy fashion context.

What is the target consumer of the collection?

Our Collection has global appeal with a local touch for different markets: Asia, Russia, US and of course Europe. We picture our buyers as ladies between 30 and 60 years old, feminine, dynamic, elegant, cultured and refined. Our customers dress impeccably and appreciate clothes that can be worn both to work and for special occasions.

What is the element that differentiates your collections?

Our customers always associate our name with the very high sartorial quality of the garments we make and those who buy them can rest assured that each piece has been subjected to scrupulous checks personally by a member of the family. Fiona and I both feel the weight of responsibility our names carry and therefore we immerse ourselves in every stage of the production up to the time goods are sent out.

Why did you decide to show at MIFUR?

We aim at promoting GUY LAROCHE FURS worldwide and above all we want to bring the brand back to its roots in fashion. So what better occasion is there than the MIFUR? Furthermore our name is already established at the Hong Kong exhibition and we want to build a continued presence in both the Asian venue and that of Europe. MIFUR is a very important international showcase for the sector. What pleased us most was that many clients who visited us in Hong Kong came to meet us in Milan. We feel this is proof of our reputation and relationship with our customers.

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