An Oscar winner in IstanbulEmiliano Zapata

Jun 26, 2014
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Emiliano Zapata

Adrien Brody is the star of the new Emiliano Zapata campaign, under the supervision of Alexander Kokoskeriya, creative director of the renowned Turkish leather clothing brand.

AB-3Arriving in Istanbul on a hot summer day the American actor, who won an Oscar for “The Pianist”, impressed everyone with his unpretentious and accommodating attitude. Brody was met by Cemal Güzelci, founder of the company, lunched with the staff and just like any ordinary tourist visited the Gran Bazaar to do some shopping with his girlfriend. On the way back he took over the wheel from the driver and personally drove the car back to the hotel.

On the day of the shooting, set in the Austrian consulate, the American star quietly asked to cut his hair much to the surprise of hair designer Nuri Sekerci, while fashion photographer Ciler Erbil put the finishing touches to lighting on the set.

Brody liked the leather jackets he wore for the Emiliano Zapata catalogue so much that he ordered some when the work was over.

On the last day of shooting Brody discovered an old piano in a room at the consulate and when the staff of Zapata realized he was actually playing the piece by Chopin from “The Pianist” they all felt very privileged. While they enjoyed the performance Brody explained:

You don’t win an Oscar for just any role. The part of the Pianist revealed an actual talent of mine, this is why choosing the role of a lifetime very carefully is fundamental for the future

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