Ab[Screenwear] – RGB is the new blackCreated by Olya Petrova Jackson in 2016, the brand aims at renewing the nature of contact between people and technology through garments that become the extension of our devices, without forgetting a very wearable fashion-tech elegance

Aug 30, 2017
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Olya Petrova Jackson
Olya Petrova Jackson

Despite the ambitious themes and conceptual influences that the founder Olya Petrova Jackson incorporates into her clothes - like her original code-based system or the influence of Kurzweil’s singularity theory - the looks are extraordinarily chic and ready to wear.
The Muscovite designer, who speaks five languages, studied Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (the Russian “Harvard”), and then moved to New York’s Parsons where she studied fashion design. Then, a series of internships at Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Oscar de la Renta, Maiyet and Ralph Lauren, where she won the Creative Summer Competition in 2013, which helped her land a design job at the American fashion house.
Last year she took the plunge her Ab[Screenwear], fruit of experiences and influences, but above all of years of reflections about the relationship between the individual and everyday technology. The New York-based wearable-tech line aims at representing the union between traditional luxury materials like leather, shearling and cashmere - or, as she defines them “the sensual, material world” - and an apparently cold material like holographic dichroic polyurethane, deriving from architectural glass finishes and treated in several stages before becoming flexible and pliable to the construction of garments.
Some of them - pockets, panels, gloves - become touch screens and sensitive to touch and light, enabling one to connect to and browse the internet on mobile phone/pc through Ab[Screenwear]’s garments, strategically constructed as an extension of the skin; after all, they are a real haptic interface, which will potentially enable users to interact with a device and receive tactile sensations in response (feedback), exploiting their manual abilities while maintaining the sense of touch.

“Art and technology require access - explains the designer - it’s what makes them a great vehicle for thought. With fashion, if you’re tuned, and you find the right language and medium, you can transmit a lot of information and launch all kinds of conversations. I am thinking about Ab[Screenwear] as a new interface, as functional and responsive as real phone/computer screen, but also intimate, personal, which in the near future will allow to show contents of choice directly on your own garment”.

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